DAF Water Treatment Systems

Water Tecnik DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation)

Water Tecnik DAF systems are used to effectively remove TSS, FOG, BOD, COD and other pollutants from wastewater.

DAF systems have been designed specifically for treating industrial wastewater which is heavily loaded with fats, oil, grease and suspended solids that require a significant amount of free surface area for flotation and eventual separation.

Having an open tank design with no lamella plates within our DAF system means that there is nothing for fats or various sticky contaminates to foul and eventually block. This means that our systems are particularly well suited for effectively treating effluent from the food and drink industry.

Water Tecnik DAF systems are built from 304 stainless steel as standard, with the option of 316 construction as an option.

Available in the following standard capacity’s

  • 2m3/hour
  • 5m3/hour
  • 10m3/hour
  • 20m3/hour
  • 50m3/hour
  • 100m3/hour
  • *maximum solids loading of up to 3,000mg/L TSS for each flow rate.
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Methods of supply

Standalone DAF Unit

The water Tecnik DAF system can be supplied as standalone DAF that can be incorporated in a new or existing treatment process.

DAF Plant Manufacture UK & Ireland

Our recent projects

DAF treatment system with integrated chemical mixing tanks.

DAF treatment system with integrated chemical mixing tanks

The unit pictured has a capacity of 125m3 per hour and was designed and built at our Newry factory.

Transport from Water Tecnik to Dale farm Cookstown on 10 April 2018 was contracted by specialist heavy haulage contractors at 9:45, just after rush hour!!

It will treat the effluent from Dale Farms largest dairy, helping to pre-treat the factory’s effluent to a standard which will be finally discharged to river.

Containerised DAF system

(2m3/hr & 5m3/hr in 20ft open side container pictured below, and 10m3/hr in 40ft container)

We have developed an innovative “Modular DAF” solution. It allows for quick and simple site installation and easy process set up. This means more cost effective and time efficient project delivery for our customers.

Container DAF Plant Manufacture UK & Ireland

Water Tecnik DAF system Design Features

Integrated Chemical Reaction Tanks:

The Water Tecnik DAF systems are manufactured with two chemical reaction tanks. The first is for upstream pH control (if required) and coagulation. The second reaction tank is for the addition and mixing of flocculant. ​Coagulation and flocculation effectiveness can be viewed almost instantaneously in each tank by operator, leading to improved process reliability and easier operation.

Counter Current Scraping:

Water Tecnik DAF systems, introduce incoming effluent into the DAF tank in a flow-through manner – wastewater comes in one side and goes out the other.

While many DAF units push sludge across the entire length of the tank in the same direction as the wastewater flow, Water Tecnik use a skimmer assembly that rotates against the hydraulic flow of the effluent. This design shortens sludge skimming distance and eliminates solids carry-over.

Bottom Sludge Removal :

For ease of cleaning, Water Tecnik DAF systems are designed with hopper bottomed bases to allow any settled solids to be easily drained. Our DAF systems hopper bottom offers a cost-effective,  proven method of easily removing solids to maintain a clean Floatation cell.

Innovative, energy efficient “white water” generation system:

The Water Tecnik DAF system utilises an innovative DAF pump that recycles and pressurises treated water with air from the atmosphere to create the “white water” required for effective floatation. This reduces energy consumption by 40% compared to traditional DAF systems and provides a simpler control system to ensure our customers enjoy greater process reliability

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Design & Function

The saturation pump has a highly precise and sophisticated pumping mechanism that produces microbubbles by three hydro-dynamic principles:

Negative pressure sucking both air and water simultaneously from each port; air effectively mixed into water, producing a pressurised air-enriched white water discharge.

DAF Plant Manufacture UK & Ireland

The pressurised air-enriched water is transferred into the bottom of the dissolved air flotation tank. This creates a micro bubble formation spreading and growing up to the water surface and finally forming a sludge mat. Which will be skimmed off.

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