Rich Sauces

Water Tecnik Case Study - Rich Sauces

Client: Rich Sauces, Newtownards, Northern Ireland.
Industry: Food and Drink.

Brief: Upgrade Effluent Treatment System with Water Tecnik DAF to Ensure Continued Environmental Compliance.

Water Tecnik Case Study - Rich Sauces“Water Tecnik worked closely with our team to enable us to integrate our existing plant with a new modern DAF system, through mutual planning this was completed with relevant ease and most importantly limited downtime”.

Derek Doherty, Operations Director, Rich Sauces


Rich Sauces supply premium quality products to the catering and food manufacturing industries and have been doing so for over 27 years. Their speciality products include mayonnaise, flavoured mayonnaise, dressings, sauces, bouillons and powders.

Rich Sauces have had an effluent treatment system onsite for around 15 years. All trade effluent produced on site is pumped to a balance tank, chemically treated through a DAF (dissolved air floatation system) then discharged to sewer. The contaminates removed during the treatment process are stored in a sludge tank, then removed periodically by tanker and used as feed stock for anaerobic digesters, producing renewable energy.

The Factory has expanded over the years as production has increased. This has inevitably lead to an increased effluent volumes and contamination levels.

The operations management team at Rich Sauces wanted to proactively ensure that they remained compliant with their environmental obligations regarding discharge consent. It was recognised that the existing effluent system required upgrade and modernisation work. Water Tecnik were contacted to complete a site survey and present options.


Main issues experienced by Rich Sauces;

  • Higher contamination levels within the effluent discharged to sewer, have resulted higher charges being imposed by NI Water through their mogden formula trade effluent billing calculations.
  • Although rarely breaching discharge consent limits, the management team at Rich Sauces were conscious that the quality of effluent being discharged to sewer was closer to the limits than they were comfortable with.
  • The existing DAF system was undersized and unable to effectively cope with the increase in contaminate level and volume.
  • The existing system was installed inside a very compact building, with limited access for machinery movement.

Water Tecnik Ltd. were contacted directly by Rich Sauces to meet with the Engineering and Maintenance Department on site and discuss options around effluent treatment upgrades to ensure improved and consistent effluent standards.


Following several site visits and discussions with Rich Sauces Senior Management and Engineering team, a finalised action plan was agreed;

  • Installation of an underground grease trap to remove surface oils present in the effluent as it leaves the factory.
  • Reducing the amount of contaminates reaching the DAF, reduces the solids loading and the amount of chemical required to provide effective treatment.
  • Upgrade of transfer pumping station to allow for increased flow rates.
  • Replacement of existing DAF with new Water Tecnik DAF system.
  • New PH correction system.
  • Removal of existing DAF along with Installation and commissioning of new DAF system was completed across 2 days, ensuring no down time or loss in production.


Below are listed some of the treatment process improvements experienced by Rich Sauces;

  • Effluent is now consistently well below NI Water discharge consent limits.
  • Cost per m3 to discharge effluent has decreased substantially.
  • By replacing the existing pipe flocculator system with our tank mix system, we have made considerable savings on chemicals as the dosing is more regulated through a reliable dosing system.
  • Increase in plant reliability results in decrease in operator intervention, freeing up engineering resources.
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